So I knew it would be hard…. but I didn’t quite realise how hard! I meant to start writing my blog immediately, from day one of arrival….. but too be honest it would have represented some kind of ‘slit your wrists’ nightmare had I have done so! So I am hoping that with a bit of ‘hindsight’ I can make it less depressing!

Seapoint! Oh my beloved Seapoint!!! What the hell happened to you???? My husband had arrived a couple of months earlier than us to start his new job and to sort outliving accommodation / cars etc… trying to desperately make the transition as smooth as possible for his family. The guys stressed to catastrophic levels to try and sort things out in time, viewing loads of property to try and secure the perfect one with me issuing changing instructions from overseas as to what I deemed suitable….. a sea-facing penthouse, at least 3 bedrooms, concierge, security to resemble something out of ‘Mission Impossible’, secure underground parking, a swimming pool etc…. etc…. after all if I was being dragged down to South Africa I was going to make sure I got my money’s worth out of the place….. Well as it turns out, our money wasn’t really worth anything here…. I mean what happened to the currency here??? There was a time when I would bring a whole bunch of friends over from the UK. We would wine & dine at some of Cape Town’s finest establishments and one person would grab the bill for everyone…. it was that cheap! What on earth happened????

So it goes without say that my ‘have to have’ went down from 5* accommodation to 3* if we were lucky! Whilst perusing through the local estate agent’s wares I saw this 3 bedroom, sea-front apartment for R32 million!!!! What the…???? I mean admittedly it was done to a very high spec etc…. but R32 friggin million….. what’s happened to Cape Town????

Anyhow I have derailed…. let’s get back to Seapoint! We used to have a flat in Seapoint many moons ago. I spent many a school vacation in Seapoint. I LOVED Seapoint! Those were the days when we used to all hang out / meet up at ‘Steers’… then head off to ‘Charlie Chaplins’, ‘Sticky Fingers’, ‘After 8’, The Funktion, Deviate, The Boiler Room…. ok my mind is wandering here and I’m definitely giving away my age! So yes, many a fantastic memory I have of Seapoint. So imagine my shock horror when I arrive to stay in a friend’s flat (our own place was only going to be available in 2 weeks) to what is closely resembling a third world of it’s own!!!! It would appear that it has been taken over by Nigerian drug lords and all the paraphernalia that goes along with it. Our apartment was on the seafront with a Woolworths (Marks & Spencer’s brand in South Africa charging often above London prices for LOCAL produce!!!???? Explain that one to me????) just around the corner…. perhaps a 5 minute walk. I could get there in 30 seconds flat! I would literally find myself doing the hundred metre sprint to and from Woolworths, my heart beating a million miles an hour, waiting to be attacked / shot / mugged! I was never attacked. In fact no-one ever bothered me…. The power of my mind had me running around like a crazed banshee!

Seapoint for me at present is LOST! Which as far as I’m concerned is a great shame!