ok, so i know i was banging on about how awful seapoint has become….. but having said that the seapoint promenade is just gorgeous! being unemployed at the moment i have the great opportunity to walk that promenade every morning. i must admit that being in the fresh air with this gorgeous blue sky over you, feeling the rays of sunshine on your back whilst feeling the sea spray on your skin is truly magical. at first i was nervous about walking it by myself but actually it is very safe. loads of people walk it, plenty of mum’s with babies and there are police on horseback (!!! never seen that in south africa before) and police on those two wheel upright bike thingy majigs. so one feels exceptionally safe. of course, it is seapoint, so there is bound to be a cluster of ‘no-gooder’s’ but they don’t seem to interfere with anyone. what is rather entertaining is that without fail, on any given morning, you will find some sort of missionary from various denominations trying to convert the homeless lying / sitting / sleeping on the benches. so far i have seen anything from mormon missionaries to buddhists to hare krishnas. i think those homeless people could probably teach us a thing or two!