as i have mentioned before my husband had arrived earlier to start his new job, get things organised and most importantly to find us a home. i know that he visited quite a few properties as every week i would receive updates from him as to what he had seen etc… what started off as a quest for an ‘atlantic seaboard’, sea-facing, 3 bedroom apartment with security on every level, underground parking AND a swimming pool slowly started to dissipate until SECURITY really became our only prerequisite! we could not believe the cost of renting a property in  cape town and don’t even get me started on the cost of actually buying a home!

eventually after weighing up all the pro’s & con’s my husband settled for a little victorian house (oh the irony was not lost on me…. all the way from london to cape town to live in a victorian house!!!!) in a very green, leafy neighbourhood right in the heart of things. i desperately wanted to be walking distance from shops etc… to try an hang onto a bit of a ‘london type’ vibe.

very excited he bundled us into the car to go and show us our new home for the first time. just imagine the poor guys surprise when he opens the gate only for me to take one look at the place and burst out crying. in a rather bizarre set of circumstances i had previously walked down this particular street & felt nervous – so much so I used to make a run for it till i turned the corner into the main street….. i remember even thinking to myself…. my gosh who can actually live in these houses with all these bars on them…. they’re like PRISONS! and ho, ho, ho was the last laugh not on me then…. what a joke!!!! so there i stand…. in a street i was afraid of…. with a house with bars all over it…. and well that was enough to send me over the edge & OVER THE EDGE I WENT!!!!!!  my poor hubby! exasperated does not even do him justice. he just bundled us all up back in the car & took us back to the flat in seapoint. what a disaster!