i don’t think i ever went to a restaurant in london that didn’t have highchairs for children and even if there were some that didn’t you wouldn’t actually notice as there were just so many that did! during my year and a half maternity leave my little one and i spent plenty of days on the king’s road, in marylebone village, in soho lunching at various establishments. you could be at the poshest or funkiest or cheapest restaurant and there would be little faces peering at you.

i always considered south africa to be a very ‘family orientated’ place so imagine my surprise when we had traipsed to four (!!!) different restaurants in the waterfront & not one (!!!!) could offer us a highchair!!!! i mean what the…!!!??? it was then that i actually opened my eyes and peered around me at the restaurants that i realised there were no kids, none, nada, nothing!!!! i couldn’t believe my eyes. where had all the children gone? i mean the restaurants were jam packed with people……  just no kids… perhaps the off baby in a stroller.

luckily we have our own little portable chair (which i HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone out there with toddlers and ESPECIALLY those planning to travel to south africa) so our little one could join us at the table. on the odd occasion that we did see parents with little ones they were always foreign. it was then that i put two & two together…. all the children are at home with the nannies! that’s how it works here. children don’t come out & socialise with their parents. i find that quite sad actually!  the manager at ‘willoughby’s’ in the waterfront all but laughed at me when i questioned how his restaurant could possibly not have highchairs (after all it’s a friggin fish & chip place!!!!) – his reply was ‘parents here don’t bring their children out to eat’. I mean what’s the point of having kids if you aren’t going to take them out with you and enjoy them being with you? and don’t even get me started on ‘kid’s menu’s’…. or lack there of…. you’ll be lucky if the restaurant agrees to do a half portion for you…..