peak hour traffic, driving up kloof, minding my own business, listening to my tunes when out of the corner of my eye i notice this elderly black man on crutches yelling abuse at something or someone. stationary at a traffic light i turn my head around to try and see who is on the receiving end of this torrent of abuse….. but there’s no-one…. it’s quite clear that he is loaded on alcohol & drugs. thing is that he is wobbling perilously close to the edge of the pavement. it all happened so quickly and yet it seemed like slow-motion. within in seconds his crutches were flying in the air & he slammed the tar. i actually couldn’t believe my eyes. it just all seemed so surreal. sprawled across an entire lane! thank heavens there wasn’t any traffic coming down that side of the road otherwise he would have been dead. thing is…. not one person went to help him. not even his ‘own kind’ who were sitting further down the street on the pavement. i’m not sure what i found sadder….. the actual incident or the fact that i didn’t stop to help. i ALWAYS stop to help, it’s who i am. yet i didn’t even think of stopping for one second.