we stumbled upon this great place up in vredehoek – parents heaven! it’s quite bizarre as one would assume that being south africa and all with all the wide open spaces and well ‘space’ in general there would be a lot of activity places for kids…. but actually there aren’t! of course I moaned about the facilities in london too, but actually they were pretty brilliant especially considering the space and the amount of people they had to cater for. perhaps it’s because people have gardens etc… so they don’t feel the need to take the kids out to adventure parks or anything like that…. then again, you’d be amazed how many homes here don’t have gardens!

anyhow the ‘deerpark’ is just gorgeous – i’m not sure why it’s called ‘deer park’ as there is quite clearly no deer! it has this really great cafe on one end of it where all the parents can sit & relax a bit (well not us as our child doesn’t like seeing his parents relax!!!!) but for most that is the idea whilst the children all play on the jungle gyms & slides etc… in this very safe environment – it is fantastic! it’s also a great way to meet other parents and kids. the food is also very good. great ‘hangover’ breakfasts!

we are there almost every weekend!