our new home is opposite a gorgeous big pale brick turreted building set in beautiful grounds….. almost fairytale like….. oh, how looks can be SO deceiving! turns out it’s a student nurses residence. as it turns out soon to be nurses (rather worrying in the first place) like to party….. all friggin week!!!!!!!!! now we’re not talking midnight curtain calls or even 1am….. nope, our little nurses like to arrive home during the hours of let’s say 3am-5am with their base pumping boyfriends in their turbo boosted cars all loaded to the max on whatever….. in short A FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!!!!

at first when we complained the estate agent told us it was only because it was ‘university holidays’ and that we shouldn’t worry ourselves as it would all end when everyone’s back to studying….. well that was almost 3 weeks ago & our little party animals are still going strong. now, those of you who know me…. know that i am always up for a gopod party & sure we’ve caused a few problems during our time, but this….. well this is just pure hell. we’re talking we may as well be at a rave / nightclub as that’s what’s pumping right outside our front door. admittedly sometimes the music is really good…. but still…. 4am???? on a ‘school night’????

the sister of the landlord of our house, who had previously been in residence in the house, did mention in passing (so quickly it actually took me a while to remember her saying it) that ‘occasionally she would have to go out there and ask them to quieten down a bit, but not often’…. quieten down a bit????? i’m ready to launch a full-metal assault on these inconsiderate brats. perhaps in the ‘townships’ one doesn’t need to have any respect for one’s neighbours well they are going to learn a few lessons shortly!

every night without fail we are calling the police & our own security…. but unfortunately as they get rid of the one lot & they themselves move on…. the next club dj & posse arrives.

tonight i am attending a meeting at the residence.

expect fireworks!