honestly….. you haven’t lived until you have tasted the chicken pies from ‘bird’… a family run (mom, mathilda stegmann & daughters) boutique cafe on bree street. i’ve had some amazing chicken pies in my time including my grandmother’s one which became quite legendary in her time but even her’s does not quite hit the mark when it comes to ‘bird’s’ chicken pie. so it was to my delight that my hubby arranged ‘take-aways’ for our valentine’s dinner at home. i cannot recommend this place enough! the food is beyond sumptious! all fresh, organic ingredients – the most amazing combinations, thirst quenching smoothies & excellent coffee – served in the most gorgeous handmade coffee cups – it’s a treat on all levels & don’t even get me started on the cheesecake!!!! the cafe is minimally decorated with upturned coldrink crates to sit on. big wooden tables give it a very ‘communal feel’. but my favourite ‘touch’ is the bird tweets that play in the background – genius!