woodstock is a very interesting area…. on the one hand i really love it as it has that real gritty east end feel to it…. a place where hidden little gems are lurking all over the place….. but on the other hand there’s a lot of ‘darkness’ lurking about & well you wouldn’t want to stumble down the wrong alleyway…. actually even the main street in broad daylight is pretty scary!

the first time i went there i was completely unprepared….jewelery, smart clothes, big ‘look at me’ mulberry handbag and so needless to say i was an absolute wreck by the time i left the place. i had gone in to visit a place called ‘banks’ – it is my absolute favourite shop! sort of a glass, crockery, cutlery warehouse where you can find everything from pots & pans to bell jars at excellent prices….. only problem is you ALWAYS leave there spending a fortune. i was buying giant martini glasses when my magpie eye spotted these fantastic ‘parfait’ glasses – the likes of which i haven’t seen since i was a kid….. so those went in the basket too!!!!

if you are stuck for a gift it’s definitely a place worth checking out! just dress sensibly & leave the bling at home!!!!!! there are two security guards at the front of the warehouse – so if you’re lucky and get a parking right in front all is well. check the out at http://www.banks-shop.co.za