tonight i’m throwing a ‘post valentine’s soiree’ at our home. i absolutely love throwing parties & well what better way to acquaint yourself with the ‘local’s’ than throwing corpus amount of pink champagne at them!

so i invited everyone we know (all 25 people!!!) to a chocolate fondue filled with loads of love! word on the street is that ‘capetonian’s’ are quite ‘fickle’ and often don’t show up…. well EVERYONE showed up… so we might just be proving this theory wrong! it would’ve actually have been a perfect night had the chocolate fondue worked!!! to cut a very long story short someone with good intentions but zero brains through a dark chocolate slab that was filled with hazelnut praline into the mix & well that totally jammed up the fountain which never worked again….. but luckily we were still left with a huge bowl of globular goo (fast resembling poo!!!) but tasting like heaven…. so fun was had by all!

the great thing in this town is that it seems like often a very little effort gains you one hellava lot of praise – which i have to admit makes a nice change from london where one had to jump through hoops of fire to even raise an eyebrow…. then again once one has received your fulfillment of praise it might all get rather boring!

but for the mean time here’s to the first of many fabulous parties!