how much do i miss topshop….. oh my lord…. i couldn’t even find enough space on this blog to list the many ways!!!!! but to give you a good idea…. i almost wrote off my car today when a bunch or early twenty something’s crossed the street a few yards in front of me, evidently little ‘brits’ dressed head to toe in my beloved topshop, i was so busy oogling their get ups, oh and the one little princess’s ‘alexa’ mulberry bag (that i am still coveting!!!) that i practically slammed into the back of a stationary car at a red traffic light!!!! i slammed on breaks & swerved to try and avoid hitting the car & pretty much gave myself whiplash….. even still my first thought was not the traffic jam i was now causing, but to jump out & try take a photo of the bunch….. as it happened by the time i had managed to find my camera (in my mulberry bag i might add) they were long gone & well i was left to smile politely at the surrounding motorists who quite clearly thought, rather rightly so, that i should have my head checked….ahhhh but thing is…. they’ve never been to topshop…. otherwise they would have understood!!!!!

the clothes here are a SHOCKER!!!!! i’m yet to find something remotely even worth raving about…. apart from the odd designer whose prices are so extortionate (givenchy pales against them) you are pretty much left with junk  at sloane street prices!!!! i’m amazed that people even buy this stuff little alone pay the asking prices. my girlfriend j & i were just commenting the other day how we are both continuously being stopped by woman commenting how fabulous some or other item we are wearing is….. 70% of the time it’s a piece from topshop….. definitely costing less that 30 quid…. well you ain’t getting anything here for that price i can tell you!

sad as it might sound i spend many a night trawling the topshop / h&m / zara websites just fantasizing about my next trip to london & how i’ll be coming back with heaps of fabulousness!!!!!

the other day i was dawdling along seapoint waiting to meet a friend when an interesting looking boutique caught my eye so i popped in. having a quick squizz i pulled out this plain white long sleeve t-shirt (made in that very thing t-shirt fabric that looks like it has been washed 100 times) and thought it would be a ‘fun’ piece for layering. noticing they had it in black & charcoal too i thought i would take all three. holding the white one i casually took a look at the price tag….. R2000 (200 quid)!!!???? well that MUST be a mistake…. maybe R200 max…. obviously an extra nought has made it’s way onto the item by mistake…. so i pick up the charcoal one…..what the???? R2000!!!!!?????? seriously guys, i am speaking about an ‘american apparel’ style t-shirt…. which we would be paying about 25 quid for and actually feeling quite ill about that (especially when you get the same thing at topshop for 10 quid or less!!!!). i was gobsmacked. not even dolce & gabbana are charging 200 pounds for a plain white t-shirt. who the hell were these people????? but then i looked around me and for the first time and i noticed the ‘blinged’ out 50+, super tanned shop assistants & the very ‘kugel’ clientele and it dawned on me….. only in this country could you get away with this…. because only in this country could you convince people that the price they pay for a t-shirt is a reflection of their own personal worth (the label of the t-shirt was actually sewn on the outside!!!!) whereas in london where we are surrounded by the ‘real deal’ my extremely wealthy friends were more in competition about who had found the latest bargain or cheap vintage piece & well EVERYONE LOVED TOPSHOP!!!!!!!!

paying 200 pounds for a plain white t-shirt would just be considered vulgar!