sometimes one should really listen to one’s gut instinct….. especially when you & your partner have the same gut instinct!!! well hey-ho…. we live & we learn. so u2 tickets went on sale for their south african shows. the country went mad. we arrived near the end of the craziness but both decided that having seen u2 a few times (4 to be exact) we had absolutely zero interest in seeing them again – especially as their last few albums were a rubbish to say the least. so that was the end of that.

fast forward to the day before the gig at the world cup football stadium in green point and all of a sudden i get this bee in my bonnet that as pretty much every single person we know (those 25 lucky peeps!!!) is going, it dawned on me that this might, or rather, WILL be the biggest event to happen all year and well we really should be going!!!! so ina absolute flurry of panic i start phoning around calling in favours to try and secure two tickets to this sold out gig. which i do. vip as well….

caught up in the excitement i can barely contain myself when i announce this fabulous news to my other half…. we have u2 tickets!!!!! he is less than enthused…. but not to have my spirits dampened i continue on my merry way & start arranging ‘before gig’ rendezvous in the mean time.

oh the excitement!!! roads are all closed…. everyone’s walking in the streets. we picked up friends, drove to the cape quarter to park & then joined the ‘fan mile’ with swarms of other gig goers. the spirit was just unbelievable. makeshift bars along the street with dj’s pumping out u2 tunes…. everyone smiling & laughing in the sunshine, restaurants & bars were over flowing…. i have to say it was definitely an amazing experience…. not quite the trudge from earl’s court tube to earl’s court arena vibe!

we hiked up a hill in green point to a friends gorgeous penthouse pad for ‘pre-gig bubbles & pizza. the view from their terrace was just spectacular (i will definitely be throwing a party there soon!). a lot of fun & merriment ensued and so in that spirit we all headed off to the stadium…. well it wasn’t to last long!

honestly, we may have been attending a political rally! there he (bono the pompous fuck) was preaching from his pulpit to the blacks & their struggle to get mandela released etc… to 72 000 WHITES!!!!! yip, i swear i searched for one black face in that audience & came up with none! i actually happen to know there was one, a friend of ours but it was impossible to find him in the sea of white! preaching about the struggles of the poor, poverty stricken people of this world whilst he snuggles up with pink champagne & grey goose vodka (seriously on his ‘rider’ list) at the ‘one & only’ (one of the most expensive, if not THE most expensive hotels in south africa!!! is this a friggin joke????? what a joke of a man!

don’t get me wrong, i am all for ‘celebrities’ using their status to promote good things in the world…. but there’s making a difference & suffocating people by shoving their shit down your throats… well this was definitely the latter. the music was completely irrelevant, it was his vehicle & nothing more. the saddest part being that the audience just lapped it all up. they even cheered in delight when he ranted on about the political prisoners in burma…. most of them not ever having heard the word ‘ang’ before, let alone ‘lee’. ireland was never mentioned…. which i found rather ironic since it is in such a state at present! survey your own doorstep matey!

and don’t even get me started on the ‘man boobs’!!!! 360″ my ass!!! the only thing that was 360″ were the tv screens….. those white elephants could barely make it to 180″ without gasping for breath.

what a tragedy this was on all levels for me. personally i needed this gig to be brilliant. i needed to know i wasn’t that far away from the music & gig scene that i loved & embraced in london…. then again, as my hubby & friends pointed out to me, i wouldn’t have gone to see this band in london…. but thing is… there’s not much choice here…. i needed this gig to be fabulous so i could hold onto something….. but it wasn’t! it wasn’t just bad, it was diabolical on many levels & well i felt like after all my progress emotionally about moving to cape town I had now fallen 10 steps backwards. it was a stark reminder of just how faraway from ‘civilisation’ i am!

and so my night was ended crying in the vip bar…. yip, crying!!!! at least we got to see the stadium……