seapoint pools….. who would have thought???? i remember them as a child… being awful…. definitely a place to avoid… and well i have never thought of them since…. flash forward a hundred years & WOW!!!!

recently a friend convinced me to go there…. so off we went. what a surprise. we are now there at least twice a week! honestly if we could just organise some waiters to bring us frozen daiquiri’s i do believe we might have found paradise! better than the ambassador pool and at a fabulous R15 per person (kids below 6 are free). The pools (of which there are 3) are sea water so…. great for the skin, great for the tan & most importantly great for keeping the pool clean & disinfected! The view just CANNOT be beaten – it is truly breathtaking!

only today i mentioned the pools to a capetonian mum who lives in camps bay…. she couldn’t believe we go there (in fact she looked quite horrified by the thought!)…. but after i explained how fabulous it was she signed up & will be joining us this week. it’s a great place for kids!

there’s plenty of security on hand, as well as ‘undercover’ security patrolling all over – so you feel very safe.

however i would definitely try avoid it on weekends & public holidays!

give it a try – you won’t regret it!