a gem! that’s the best way to describe it! in the heart of woodstock just when you’re feeling immensely weary from trying to have eyeballs all over your head to ensure your bag doesn’t get snatched or you don’t get mugged there is this little beacon of light…… SUPERETTE! yes, yes… i know…. woodstock is supposed to be this seriously ‘up & coming’ area, trendy & hip etc… etc…. well whatever, i still shit myself whenever i am walking through there. but having said that i absolutely adore this little nugget. amazing fresh organic produce is served up on platters & boards (some of the best breakfasts in town – check out the ‘allday breakfast sandwich!) followed by freshly brewed (delux coffee works) flat whites….. absolute heaven!

apparently once a month they open it at night for a ‘supper club’ kind of evening with various themes – i’d love to go…. if i can summon up the courage!