thing is i’m not really a fan of strikes having been caught in a few ‘tube strikes’ in my time. but i do understand that sometimes it’s the only way for the ‘little’ people to be heard by the ‘fatcats’ sitting on the top of the pile. perhaps their hours are too long or their pay is deemed too little for the work they do etc…. it’s a way to get noticed. only problem is that it’s all the ‘inbetween’ people that end up paying the biggest price. all the ‘fatcats’ are being chauffeur driven whilst the rest of us are walking in the rain / sleet / wind to avoid being fired from our jobs. ok, so spotlight on cape town where the ‘black taxi’ (not to be confused with the london ‘black cab’…. these are mini buses that transport the masses at times managing to squash 30 or so persons into a 12 seater bus!!!!) drivers decide to go on strike….. why….. perhaps they feel they aren’t being paid enough…..nope – it’s a booming business….. perhaps their hours are too long….. nope, no problem there…..ahhhh, they are striking because they are tired of being pulled over by policeman for illegal driving skills, speeding, oh & impounding illegally operated / not road worthy taxi buses has to stop (i kid you not!!!)…… and they are furious about the new forward thinking bus system that has been installed to help transport the masses at much cheaper costs!!!!!?????

ok, so they go on strike to make their point heard…. which happens in many countries all over the world…. but of course to give it an ‘african flavour’ there has to be violence. anyone deemed to be going against the strike get’s their vehicle or taxi burnt, they get stoned and now they’ve barricaded the township entrances so that no buses can get in to try and help the people get to work.

sadly, it is the commuters that suffer at the hands of these delinquents!