tonight i am home alone….. for the second time since i arrived in south africa…. the first time did not go very well….. by the time my other half arrived home i was in a totally uncontrollable state – every acorn falling on our tin roof sounded like someone breaking in (it’s very windy where we live so that meant a LOT of acorns dropping – have you ever heard an acorn hit a tin roof – it may as well be hiroshima!!!!) anyhow my husband and i ended up having a huge fight & well the night was ended with me packing mine & my son’s bags to head back to the uk in the morning….. very wisely my hubby has always made sure i have had someone stay with me in the house since then.

tonight unfortunately none of the usual suspects were available for ‘babysitting’ so i find myself alone. but it’s gone a bit better this time! it started off with my son finding a ‘panic button’ neither of us knew existed… hidden behind his cot & in perfect toddler reach (obviously whoever designed this house never had kids!!!). he hit it not once, not twice… but FIVE times!!!! i was running around the house like a blue-assed fly not sure whether to grab him first (obviously that was not my choice hence him hitting the friggin button FIVE times!!!!), answering the ringing phone (the security company always calls first to check what’s going on) or get to the alarm panel to switch off the crazy noise. turns out i’m just fabulous when it comes to being efficient in times of panic and well i did none of the above & the security people arrived at my door….. within minutes…. a perfect way to start one’s ‘home alone’ evening!

usually this would have completely unnerved me. but perhaps having the comfort that they (the security) arrived so quickly or perhaps all my last energy / adrenalin was pumped out of me running around the house like a lunatic or what ever….. but for some reason i feel a lot calmer than i did before. i’ve also had 3 glasses of wine…..