oh my lord….. remember these…..

heaven in an eggbox…. the hard white candy shell egg we used to suck & twirl around in our mouths until it finally cracked & revealed the centimeter thick creamy chocolate inside! goodness how i used to love these eggs…. but believe it or not i haven’t actually purchased any of these yet as they have sort of been replaced as my favourite favourite by these little speckled gems…..

honestly…. if you live in south africa you probably already know about these…. (as i type i’m munching on a packet) woolworth’s ‘speckled eggs’. if you don’t live in south africa & are lucky enough to know someone that does…. beg them to send you a bag – they are DIVINE! having said that i just bought 20 packs to send to friends & family overseas….packed them up in little padded envelopes & whizzed off to the post office to get them sent off in time for easter….R79 (almost 8GBP!!!!) per pack to post – NORMAL POST!!!!!! rather ridiculous when each bag only costs R10 (1 pound!) needless to say they never got posted – i now wait in hope that someone visits or someone flies out of here & can post them for me! then again maybe it’s best you don’t actually get to taste them as one little gem & you’re hooked. in fact there’s a good chance all 20 packets get eaten before i even get to find someone to take them. hard candy exteriors hiding the most amazing belgian chocolate with a ‘jelly’ centre…. i’m convinced these are a ‘staple’ food in heaven!