this easter a few of us hit the road for a magnificent journey through the western cape to a truly amazing game reserve – SANBONA. luckily for us a very good friend of ours was involved in the design & construction of this reserve and so we all get ‘mates rates’ which is a relief as sadly nowadays most of these reserves have become totally unaffordable to the locals – which is a real pity as it is our heritage. i remember as a kid we use to go to the the kruger national park at least 3 times a year – it was considered an extremely cheap holiday. our entire family would pack up and go. some of my fondest memories are from those times….. it’s a pity not many kids nowadays get to have that experience…. at often R5000 per person a night it just is completely out of reach. however there are specials that run during the course of the year so keep a look out – and if you can get the chance to visit SANBONA it is truly amazing – check out it is the largest game reserve in the western cape.

here are some pictures from the journey down….. unfortunately most of them were taken from a ‘speeding car’…. so there are a few interesting view points! i honestly had forgotten just how magnificent this country is. enjoy – i hope they don’t make you too homesick!