personally i have never seen the point of booking through a travel agency. i could never quite understand their value. in all the many years we have traveled far & wide we have always booked our own flights, accommodation, car rentals, excursions, tickets etc… ourselves. perhaps it’s age, experience or wisdom but oh my goodness was it just FABULOUS having someone else take care of every single detail & not have to worry about a single thing. our itineraries were sent to us, our check in’s & confirmations done for us & a gentleman (not just any gentleman but ‘tom from thompson’s!) waiting to collect us on the other side…..totally headache & stress free….. a new form of traveling when it comes to my husband & i!!!!! there really is something to be said about everything running smoothly & according to plan….. of course there is also something to be said for things going ‘off-piste’ & ‘haywire’ – they make great dinner table stories (of which we have plenty) but as i said before perhaps it’s age that brings with it a need for a bit of calm!

so there was tom from thompson’s to pick us up at nelspruit airport (one of the prettiest airports). what an amazing man. tom was born in kenya & spent his childhood there. he then moved to south africa where he has lived & worked in & around the kruger park. everyone seems to know tom! he had so many interesting stories to tell & was a great animal spotter to boot! in fact we saw so many different animals on the way in it almost made the lodge pointless…. well almost….!

tom from thompsons