you know, i have been receiving an influx of emails asking me why i haven’t been blogging recently…. well the truth be told it has been a tough month! it has been a month where i have heard one horrific story after the next…. so much so i actually said to my husband that if i had to blog about every one i might be mistaken for a crime reporter rather than someone just ‘out & about’…… so much so i actually thought that perhaps i was attracting these crazy people with their crazy stories….. but upon reflection i have realised that there are very few people in this town / country that don’t have a crazy (euphemism of course) story to tell. the last one which took place last thursday was so hectic i actually asked the woman to please stop telling me but it was quite clear she just needed to ‘get it out of her’. evidently she did not notice that i had turned a whiter shade of pale. i was so shaken by the event that i came home & just like she had done to me, blabbed it out to my husband & girlfriend who just sat here totally mortified! so there you have it….. perhaps in one way it’s good to hear these stories as it reminds one of the very real situation out there. perhaps, like many here, it is very easy to become complacent & ‘pretend’ when the reality is FAR different. the other matter at hand is that i can’t actually just keep blogging these hectic stories….. it’s no good for my state of mind & my ability to live here for the time that i am here which in my mind is getting shorter & shorter by the minute…… my husband thinks me blogging about these stories is a way of ‘off-loading’ the weight of them and thinks it could be quite therapeutic for me…… at times it can be but at other times it does the exact opposite…. it cements the story into black & white leaving no doubt as to the reality of the situation. stories told can pass into thin air….. the written word never does. part of me so desperately wants to tell you otherwise. but i can’t. i’d be lying. blatantly! i have a lot of ‘followers’ of this blog who desperately want to hear otherwise as well, i have readers who ask me personally what my opinion is of them returning to south africa….. should they or shouldn’t they….. i have never answered any of them….. i never will…. but yesterday i met a south african woman selling her R57 million home in bantry bay…. she had recently, two weeks ago to be exact, been a victim of violent crime with her children. she is not even waiting to sell the house, her flight to the united states is booked. her & her family are out of here. she was one of the few people i have met that actually didn’t tell me about her experience. she didn’t need to. it was written all over her face.

after what i have heard i can quite honestly say that cape town is just as dangerous as joburg….. i just think the shadow of the mountain hides a lot more of it.

on a lighter note…. just when i felt the weight of the world come crashing around me i found myself being whisked away to the magnificent kruger national park….. a reminder of why africa is the soul of the world….. a reminder of just how much we have to lose. a much more enlightening blog to follow….. i promise!