as luck would have it i left my toothbrush at home….. usually this wouldn’t be too much of a train smash but as you’re in the middle of nowhere it turned out to be a bit of a problem….. being a ‘5 star’ lodge we thought they might have a few ‘spare’ toothbrushes tucked away for emergencies…. well as it turned out they didn’t have a stash of toothbrushes as we know them….. but my eager to please ranger was more than willing to help me out….. allow me to introduce the ‘bush toothbrush’!!!!

the bush toothbrush

yip, imagine my surprise when my ranger presented me with this stick to use as a toothbrush. he explained to me that it was made from the ‘guarrie’ bush…. and that as a kid his mum used to only let them use this. i then found myself straining to see into his mouth as he spoke to try and analyse the state of his teeth and well to be perfectly honest they looked perfect & whiter than white! so i figured i would give it a try. not bad actually! i did however draw the line when he offered to make me a paste from ashes  (made from burnt branches of the leadwood tree) to use as my toothpaste!!!!!