well it’s definitely going to take more than a strong coffee to keep me going today….. a 3.45am wake-up call from our ‘wonderful’ neighbours across the road (the students res)…. what is it with these friggin people – ZERO respect & the LOUDEST voices ever!!!!! anyhow so i practically sleep walk to the front door, switch the alarm off, open the door but leave the security gate shut (we used to venture out onto the road but after my husband had an altercation with two black guys two weeks ago making a huge noise outside our house at 3am & they proceeded to tell him that it’s his fault for ‘buying a house here’ (???) & that ‘blacks are loud and aren’t going to be changing for us’ & the throwing in that ‘it’s their country & if we didn’t like it we should leave’….!!!!!! at which stage I called the cops) anyhow i wasn’t going to take any chances this time so just stood behind my security gate & opened my garage door to set all the lights off and illuminate the perpetrators….. who were most apologetic except for one woman who promptly shouted ‘you f*cking go to hell’ (!!!) & i was like ‘i beg your pardon’, my adrenalin kicking in big time, my husband already calling the police…. they quickly apologised again & she said that she hadn’t been talking to me – she was talking to the guy…. which might or might not have been the truth…. but nevertheless my adrenalin was pumping & there was just no way i was going back to sleep…..

so, exhausted but running short of nappies i set off to ‘babycity’, my home away from home, in greenpoint. i was standing outside by my car whilst one of the babycity staff (a ‘coloured’ gentleman) helped fix a new UV protector to my back window when i heard someone say in a very aggressive tone ‘you f*cking kaffir’!!!!! the guy wth me didn’t blink an eyelid & well i almost fell over backwards….. for various reasons….. firstly it has been a lifetime since i have actually heard anyone use this term….. infact had you have asked me before this incident if this word was still in circulation i would have quite confidently said it was out of use completely….. secondly, the aggression with which it had been said really surprised me…. i couldn’t tell exactly what happened as most of it took place behind my car but it seemed like both parties were trying to cross behind my car & one must have bumped the other or something to that effect (i.e. nothing too hectic) ….. but the part that i found the most astonishing is that it was a ‘coloured’ woman shouting this at a black man!!! i must say that i was pretty dumbfounded by it all.

i then relayed the story to a colleague at work….. he said he wasn’t surprised as apparently the ‘coloureds’ are filled with a lot of bitterness & anger towards both the blacks & the whites. he said that when the whites were in power the coloureds were too ‘black’….. now the blacks are in power the coloureds are too ‘white’…. so they found themselves a bit stuck in nowheresville… which has quite obviously instilled a sense of bitterness & anger in them. to further cement this fact i went to collect a parcel from a very successful ‘coloured’ lady in woodstock…. i mentioned to her that i had in the past had difficulty with my nanny – oh boy did she take this as an open ticket to let me know her unreserved thoughts about her fellow south africans – it blew my mind….. i would not like to be the ‘char’ in her house!!!! i’m amazed she actually is able to find one that stays!

apparently a black comedian is doing a show here called ‘dekaffirnated’…. which i thought was a brilliant play on words…. i actually mentioned that it sounded like something pieter dirk uys would do…. i subsequently googled it to try and find out about the show (which had been mentioned on 5fm this morning apparently) and came up with a show called ‘dekaffirnated’ done by none other than the brilliant pieter dirk uys in 1998!