this definitely had to go down as one of the best nights i have had since i have been in cape town – the launch of ‘5GUM’ (actually one of my BEST chewing gums – sugarfree & delicious – oh & the flavour lasts & lasts!) was held in a warehouse near the waterfront. great space, great music & free drinks all night long…. it could only be a great night. having said that they were only serving beers, a variety of those REVOLTING ‘alcopop’ drinks & for some weird reason only known to the organisers themselves…. brandy!!!???? so my girlfriend & i, not being beer drinkers, had no choice but to suffer the ‘alcopop’ route…. but even this could not put a dampener on the nights shenanigans!

the highlight being dj etienne de crecy – pure genius! some pictures of his set.