if you are looking for a very special / unique experience this definitely has to be one of my favourite spots in the cape – it is a definite MUST for everyone!


babylonstoren is one of the oldest cape dutch farms in the cape – it is truly gorgeous & boasts the most magnificent fruit & vegetable gardens which brings me to the amazing restaurant on the property BABEL which serves this fresh produce straight from the garden to your plate & boy can you tell the difference. the restaurant is owned by the fabulous maranda engelbrecht (of ‘manna’ fame on kloof street) & her influence can be felt throughout!

the fabulous restaurant - babel

the last time we had food to compete with this was in a little town called ‘sciacca’ in sicily where we visited one of the first purveyor’s of the ‘slow food’ concept – hostaria del vicolo – (i.e. food that has traveled very little to get to the table, so locally sourced from the surrounding village and therefore obviously very seasonal & fresh with the added benefit of having very little impact on the environment) – it was great to find a place following the same principles here in south africa.

all the food is sourced locally with the fruit, vegetables & herbs etc.. coming straight from the surrounding gardens – the result being stupendously delicious! in a very interesting twist the menu is divided into ‘colours’ – you choose your colour & the plates arrive laden with seasonal veg & fruit in magnificent presentations – but all in that particular colour. it is a connoisseur’s delight & an absolute extravaganza for the tastebuds!

our friend had organised a ‘feast’ table – which is exactly what is says – a FEAST! the food just keeps coming on these huge platters – the tenderest lamb, salmon & pork – each served with a delicious twist. the food was honestly mouth-watering – in fact i’d be lying if i didn’t mention that as i type about the experience i am wiping away the drool out of the side of my mouth!!!!

the desserts however were a HUGE disappointment. i think that after such a tastebud fiesta one needs a bit of ‘normality’ to top it off & well what we were presented with was just taking ‘unique’ into a whole new level when all i wanted was a chocolate mousse!!! thank heavens our friends husband had organised a chocolate birthday cake which everyone heaved a sigh of relief at after the desserts we were presented with!

So my advice for those of you who choose between having a starter or a dessert – i strongly suggest going with the starters & bringing a slab of chocolate in your bag for dessert!