so i’m sitting at the traffic lights on the corner of strand & buitengragt this morning minding my own business when a brick comes flying across my windscreen & lands in front of the car next to me – to say i totally shat myself is putting it mildly. thanking my luck stars that it didn’t actually land on my windscreen i turned to look where the flying missile had come from….. two black dudes chucking bricks at each others heads….. now whilst i was quite bewildered by the spectacle i honestly thought they might just be kidding around….. as people do in civilised countries…. throw bricks at each others heads next to parked cars!!!!! but it didn’t take long for me to realise, when the one barbarian smashed the skull open of the other barbarian, that this in fact was not a fun game!!!! next thing the newspaper sellers came running to try and stop the skull smashing but then somehow managed to get involved themselves with them picking up bricks as well….. i’m just sitting in the traffic practically frozen thinking ‘what the hell’???? there must have been 20 cars at the traffic light….. no-one did a thing….. i decided for whatever reason to start hooting as i drove off.

i don’t need my espresso this morning!