you only have to be in south africa for 5 minutes to know that jumping into one of the local ‘black taxi’s’ is pretty much in line with playing chicken on a five lane highway….. your chances of survival are definitely weighted against you….. so imagine my surprise / shock / horror when our newspaper headlines yesterday announced that santaco (south africa’s national taxi council) will be starting it’s own ‘low cost airline’!!!!!!!!???????? what the #@*?!!}#!]???? only this morning i almost got side swiped by a low flying taxi & i was friggin stationary!!!!!

apparently this amazing new service will offer taxi – flight – taxi service. so where once upon a time the south african skies were deemed ‘safe’ & the roads ‘treacherous’ we can now expect total land & heaven carnage – FANTASTIC!!!!!!

anyone buying a boat?

ready for take off?

a flying taxi?