to be honest i never really paid too much attention to the couple that is ‘prince albert & charlene’ – perhaps because over the years his love-life has got a wee bit tedious & obvious (there’s only so many ‘love children’ one can find newsworthy!), or perhaps because in the UK they never really ever featured in any of the papers…. but of course with ‘charlene wittstock’ being south african there is plenty in the newspapers here which I don’t read in anycase….. well except the headlines as i drive to work…. having said all that i saw the pictures in the daily mail (yes! i read the daily mail!!!) yesterday of the princess bride & well i just couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. at first i put it down to her perhaps being a very demure, timid person who’s natural tendency is not to grin from ear to ear like a cheshire cat when happy…. but then even the most demure lady glows on the day she marries the love of her life….. you just can’t help yourself! what ever truth lurks behind all the rumours i couldn’t help but feel very sorry for this girl.

the happiest day of her life..... i think not!