it truly beggars belief that in a country where unemployment is reaching 30% people with jobs go on strike!!!????

after two days of my garbage not being collected i called in to my neighbour to see if hers had been collected (her dustbin was no longer on the street & i thought perhaps they had missed mine etc….) only for her to inform me that SAMWU (not sure who they are but must be the head of the garbage collectors or something to that effect) are on strike – apparently they are demanding an 18% increase in pay & they have been told they could get 6% – according to my neighbour no-one is budging so we could be drowning in rubbish before the month is out – fabulous!

i just don’t get it…. in a country where there is so many people unemployed & so much poverty you would think people with a job would be grateful & shut up! oh no…. not here…. in fact they have now taken to the city streets to smash-up  & loot shops & burn things….