i consider myself to be quite an accomplished cook especially when it comes to entertaining… i have been known to whip up some serious menu’s in my time ranging from thai to indian to vietnamese to mexican to name but a few (all from scratch!)…. but ask me to make cottage pie or lasagna or macaroni cheese & well I simply have no idea!!!! until now that is! i just received this amazing recipe from a colleague at work – tried & tested – guaranteed delicious!

ahhhh, ‘what a load of crock’ i hear you murmuring – anyone can make a cottage pie….. ahhhh, that’s what you think! until you have had cottage pie cooked ‘south african style’ (& here’s the secret) MRS BALLS CHUTNEY (!!!!) you haven’t had cottage pie at all!!!!

so here goes:


green pepper


chilli (optional – i add a bit of chilli to everything!)

tinned tomatoes (i bought the one with added herbs)

tomato puree


mrs balls chutney (about 2 tablespoons)

worcester sauce

bbq spice

optional extras: peas (add at the very end frozen to keep them fresh & plump), fresh cheery tomatoes (cooked till they burst!)

cook all the above together & layer in an oven proof dish

top with creamy mash (lots of butter & milk)

dab butter on top to make it go brown & crispy

cook on 150’C for 30 minutes


comfort food