‘police hunt FACEBOOK RACIST’ was the headline of the sunday times yesterday. probably the worst front page i have seen since i moved to south africa – they still haven’t proven if the photo is ‘genuine’ or not but even still…. the fact that there are still people (albeit minority groups) that promote these kind of thoughts is just beyond frightening! apparently this psycho is registered under the name ‘Eugene Terrorblanche’ & even more frightening is that he has 583 (!!!) ‘friends’ although by the sounds of things his ‘friends’ seem to be dropping like flies since the police investigation started….

Earlier on Sunday the police ministry warned that there should not be a racial connection made to the picture.

“Even if the child was white, or the man was black… once you narrow it down to a racial aspect it becomes problematic. Murder is murder,” Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa’s spokesman Zweli Mnisi said.

Mthethwa had ordered an immediate investigation and called on the man on the picture – or anyone who knows him – to come forward to assist in the probe.

It was early in the investigation, but if the picture was authentic the responsible person must be prosecuted, he said. There must also be another person involved, as someone took the photograph.

If the picture turned out to be digitally manipulated it was inciting violence and there were connections to violence, Mnisi explained.

Everyone partly responsible in the posting of the picture, or whoever created the profile and those who have seen it but failed to report it could face prosecution.

“There are so many questions that need to be answered.”

(i couldn’t actually bring myself to post the picture – i put it up & then had to delete it – it just made me want to cry – by all means google it… it is available on the net)