allow me to introduce the ‘worst beggar’ to you….. seriously if i didn’t find this guy SO entertaining i myself would have zipped down my window & bopped him on the nose – he is THAT rude!

beggar's belief

over the past few weeks i have watched him spit on someone’s windscreen, chuck small change in the road because he was insulted (?) by the amount given, bash someone’s bonnet because they ignored him, kicked the back of a car because they almost hit him (i.e. he was in the middle of the road during a green traffic light) and yelled endless abuse at anyone who didn’t give him anything. only yesterday he slammed his hand against my window because i ignored him – i was actually on the phone! thing is he even approaches your window aggressively, usually slapping some card (i think it’s advertising a soup kitchen or hostel) against your window pretty much assuring you of a near heart-attack. to be honest even if i wanted to give him something i’d be too scared to open the window!

i’m thinking i might offer him some much needed lessons in the line of ‘trying to get what you want from someone’….. a friendly approach to start with along with a smiling demeanor & lose the friggin ‘i’m gonna fry your brains & eat them’ slit eye stare!!! it’s just not inducing me to feel one iota of sympathy for you dude!