well believe it or not after almost 6 (!!!) months i am now the owner of  that little green book that apparently opens all doors in this country.

thrilled by my new acquisition i set off immediately to the bank to open my first bank account here. whilst chatting to the lady at the counter i noticed this great big sign behind her stating that if you earned R100,000 + you could open a ‘premier account’ which i happen to know gets you quite a few perks…. just one stumbling block…. i’m not earning any money let alone R100k…. but never one to give up when faced with stumbling blocks i enquired about this account & what ‘proof’ i would need to show that i have a salary of R100k +….. ‘oh’, she informs me, ‘don’t worry about that, no-one ever checks’….!!!???

by next week i plan to be the owner of a premier account!

love this place!