what an amazing weekend we have had – apart from the soaring temperatures (32’C) on sunday – summer is definitely on its way – we remembered to go & view the ‘tretchikoff’ exhibition at the national gallery just before it closed. we were meant to go ages ago when it first opened but for whatever reason never got round to it & so i was so grateful when a friend mentioned it to me again – i would have been gutted if we’d missed it.

firstly we got lost. having never been to the national museum we thought we knew where it was but it turned out we had absolutely no idea. boy were we in for a surprise when we found it. what a magnificent building set in such an idyllic setting. we could hardly believe our eyes.

the inside of the building is even more stunning. it could compete with any museum anywhere in the world but unlike most museums in london you don’t have to pre-book, queue or shuffle amongst hundreds of other people – here we just walked on in & breezed through the exhibition at our own pace enjoying the space that this afforded us.

vladimir tretchikoff along with tamara de lempicka (both of russian origin) are my two favourite artists. it would be a dream come true for me to one day own an original of both artists – best i get playing the euro-millions!!!! i was lucky enough to go to the tamara de lempicka exhibition in 2004 at the royal academy of art in london but as of yet, apart from some exhibitions of his prints, i had never seen an original of tretchikoff. so this was a real treat.

what most people don’t actually realise is that tretchikoff (or tretchi as he was known) lived in cape town for 60 years before passing away in 2006. he goes down in history as the wealthiest ‘living’ artist of all time & the second wealthiest artist next to picasso.

i have attached some pictures i took before i was so kindly asked by a security guard not to photograph. usually they are so gruff & rude that i simply agree not to & then sneak photo’s here & there as i can (without a flash of course) but as she asked so politely i felt compelled to obey – but i’m sure you will get the idea from the pics i managed to take.

also attached are some photo’s of the magnificent ‘company gardens’. i will be spending a lot of time in them this summer!