michael cohen - shark attack victim

thing is it’s actually very hard to feel any sympathy for this guy. sure no-one wants anyone to be eaten by a shark, a great white at that but how can one feel sympathy for someone who knowingly goes into shark infested waters, ignores several warnings given to him, ignores the fact that the beach has been closed due to shark sightings & still pops in for a swim siting ‘if a shark takes me, then blame me, not the shark’. oh mr cohen, how very noble of you….. but tell me, what about the heroically brave men that waded into those shark infested waters to save your life???? if not for a stray seal magically appearing & distracting the great white it was clear to bystanders they would have been victims too!!!! what about them mr cohen???? who would we blame for that?????

now he will live with his arrogance for the rest of his life in the form of two missing legs. i wonder if he’ll be that irresponsible & flippant with his words ever again!!!

‘Monwabisi Sikweyiya, one of the shark spotters, helped drag Mr Cohen from the water and used his own shorts and belt as tourniquets. “He was well-known to all of us because he was a regular swimmer here,” said Mr Sikweyiya. “He was very interested in sharks and respected them, but never took any notice of our warnings. If he wanted to swim, he swam. We warned him often that he was taking a risk, but he always said ‘if a shark takes me, then blame me, not the shark’.

“ We argued with him regularly about it, but he was a cool guy and just wanted to do his own thing.”

a very brave man jumps in to help

Douglas Drysdale, 61, and Hugh Till, 66, had seen a shark’s distinctive outline heading towards a lone swimmer as they looked out from cliffs above the bay.


‘They raced to the shoreline and dived into the surf but were very nearly attacked themselves by the same shark as they pulled to safety Mr Cohen – who lost his right leg and part of his left foot in the attack.’

being pulled to safety

the amazing medics who saved his life