it’s quite funny how life works – it’s like you always get little warnings about things… but don’t always take heed to them. whilst years before i might never have even noticed / heard the warnings it seems like age has brought with it a better listening ear…. only problem being i still don’t seem to act on it!!!!

only last week i was driving around by myself quite late at night when I realised my doors were unlocked. I quickly hit the central locking & thought to myself…. how complacent i am already becoming…. a few months ago i wouldn’t even have been driving around at night by myself. whenever we get into the car i am the first person to make sure the doors are locked…. but here i am out by myself late at night with unlocked doors & i don’t feel ‘unsafe’… oh how i laugh into my sleeve!!!

flashforward & my husband & i decide to go out to a cute little greek restaurant that quite a few of our friends have recommended to us – maria’s in dunkley square, gardens.

maria's greek restaurant

i must admit i remember thinking it was pretty dark & quite isolated when we parked up but buried those thoughts & set off for the restaurant. a great night ensued (the food was great & the atmosphere was excellent). it was early when we asked for the bill – approx 9.30pm. we paid up & headed for the door. i noticed that my husband was having difficulty opening the door… i assumed that he had too much to drink & went to try & help him…. only to find the door completely jammed. the owner of the restaurant then came running to assist us & explained that actually the door wasn’t ‘jammed’ it was ‘locked’… ok weird…. but then proceeded to launch into an explanation that they had an attempted armed robbery a few nights before & word on the street was the armed robbers had been seen in the area that evening so they were told by the security to keep the doors locked. my natural tendency is to turn a whiter shade of pale when faced with this shit, the owner obviously saw this & tried to make light of the situation (as you do!!!) haha she said… this is africa!!!??? ahhhh, yes, fabulous & now for the best part – we get let out of the restaurant onto the pitch black square to make our own way to our car which is parked 100m away.

oh how right you are…. THIS IS AFRICA & best you not forget it…. EVER!

needless to say my night was spent tossing & turning with tom cruise / mission impossible nightmares of armed robbers bursting in & how my husband & i would have combatted them!