i absolutely LOVE the kings of leon…. & well that’s why i am DEFINITELY not going!

i’ve been lucky enough to see KOL five times – the first time at the bush hall (circa 2003 before they had even released their album in the UK) where we watched these four really young, super skinny guys in the tightest of tight jeans (seriously i kept wondering for days after how on earth they managed to get into their jeans – they were that tight!) & well we just totally fell in love with them!

the last time i saw them was in the O2 the year before last…. it was awful! absolutely awful! as much as i adore them they just aren’t a ‘big stadium’ band…. you either need amazing personality & showmanship or huge big anthems to pull off a big stadium gig…. the only song to remotely reach big stadium heights was of course ‘sex on fire’ but other than that it all fell flat. their real ‘gems’ like holy roller novocaine, molly’s chambers, knocked up, on call all just fell totally flat.

having said all this i haven’t actually heard their new album & perhaps there are some new power anthems that will alight the evening….. for all those who paid R1200 (!!!) to see them i certainly hope so!!!!

how i like to remember them