sitting casually outside my favourite deli ‘sababa’ in bree street (more about that later) i was so busy ‘people watching’ that it completely eluded me that there was a traffic warden ticketing my car. now i have been parking in this particular spot for the past 4 months – a yellow square that isn’t patrolled by the parking meter lizard (marshal). it just totally irks me that i have to pay this lizard even when i am only running in for 5 minutes to fetch my morning double flat white. i have become so obsessed with this fact that if the yellow square is occupied in the mornings by another car i actually just drive on by (which is definitely saying something being the coffee addict that i am!). when it finally dawned on me that i was being ticketed i jumped up & ran across the road to try & do some damage control…. how could she be ticketing me, after all this was just a random yellow box where i had been parking for months blah, blah, blah….oh no, she said, this a ‘loading bay’…. no it’s not i quipped back, there’s no signage stating that, it’s just a yellow block – only for her to then point out the freshly painted ‘L” alongside the yellow box…..aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!! R200!!!! ok, ok i realize you londoners are laughing into your sleeve – a pittance compared to the hefty london parking fine (hence me not telling you about the R2.50 (20p) i refused to pay for running in to get coffee in the first place…..) anyhow, not one to give up easily i started giving her a piece of my mind, accusing them of doing this for christmas bonuses etc… (well that’s what they always blamed in the UK) after all how come i had never seen coppers out ticketing before etc… etc…. to which she politely informed me that i better thank my lucky stars that she only ticketed me R200 as not only was i parked in a loading bay i was also facing the wrong way (in this town you can only park facing the way of the traffic) which warrants a R400 fine on top of the R200 fine. it was at this point that age & wisdom kicked in…. i shut up.