christmas in the sun

try as i may i don’t think i will ever get used to the concept of having christmas on the beach or in any form of sunshine to be honest. i don’t know, there is just something to be said about it being cold & dark & preferably snowing when it is christmas time…. the lights just seem to shine more brightly & the tinsel sparkles more clearly – & let’s face it after all…. isn’t that what christmas is about….. shiny things that sparkle????

it’s the package deal…. the cold chilly nights which need the warm fires to snuggle in front of with your mulled wine & mince pies. the huge christmas roast with all the trimmings (try eating that on a boiling hot summer’s day – it’s more like ‘cold meats & salads over here….TRAGIC!!!), rich brandy puddings, copious amounts of red wine…. it’s just not working in this heat! ‘prawns on the braai’… is not cutting the mustard!!!

don’t even get me started on the decorations….or rather the sad attempt at decorations here… personally i might start a campaign to just get them all banned…. i mean that’s how tragic they are!!! you walk into a shop & there’s an odd bit of tinsel here & there & perhaps some sad looking santa dangling from a shelf – just throw in the towel guys – it’s depressing (extremely depressing for someone who spent her christmases on walton street in south kensington – faerytale land), you only have to drive past harrods at christmas time to feel as if you have been whisked away to santa land!

i had some friends arrive from london over the festive season – we just happened to be doing sundowners on the terrace of the radisson hotel when my one girlfriend all of a sudden burst into laughter… since we were only one drink in i assumed it couldn’t be because she had lost the plot already…. enquiring about the cause of her laughter she directed our gaze to this funny little wire squiggly thing attached to the railings of the hotel terrace….oh my lord, she said, i’ve just realised that’s a christmas decoration….!!!!! my biggest regret is that i never actually took a picture of it to show you… you really would have had to have seen it to believe it!!!

sure we have the sun, sea & sand but for me there is only one place to be for christmas…