things is…. it’s probably a miracle in itself that i haven’t lost 100 phones in my lifetime…. by some miracle  i have always managed to find them…. i even had one handed in to a bus driver in london once…. so i have been pretty lucky to say the least…. but luck quite clearly has it’s expiry date & well mine was reached….. on friday night!

left me phone on our table in a restaurant & of course when we got home & called up the restaurant the phone was already on it’s way to a new owner. i won’t bad mouth the restaurant as they were actually pretty brilliant in assisting me but sadly not brilliant enough to produce my phone! on top of this i wasn’t exactly sober when i lost my phone so a serious amount of self-loathing is being heaped on me at the same time.

ok, so as if losing my LIFELINE to the world wasn’t bad enough (over 2000 pictures of my son, over 200 videos of my son!!!! i could just cry!!!!) i get to mtn (my service provider – the word ‘service’ being debateable!!!) expecting to be able to at least heal part of my wound by sorting out a new phone etc…. only to be informed that the insurance i had covered me for everything else but NOT theft!!!!!???? what the!!!????? seriously, this gets told to me by the woman at mtn with a straight face…. i’m like, sorry???? what is the point of insurance in south africa if you aren’t covered for theft?????? oh she says, apparently we didn’t ‘tick’ the tiny little theft box in the corner!!!!???? when i asked her to produce a copy of our original agreement she can’t…. all she has available is the info on the computer, when i challenge this i am met with a completely blank ‘i don’t give a f*ck’ stare…..

you see, this is the difference between the service industry here & in the UK for example. i have lost my phone a few times in the UK, once without insurance & once in the USA…. on all occassions the company (O2) rallied around to at least try make a plan for me. sure when i lost my first phone without insurance they didn’t just give me a new a phone but they acted concerned & proceeded to list all my options, advise me on what i could do etc.. etc… here i may as well have been speaking to a brick wall for all the concern she showed me…. eventually i literally had to leave the building for fear of me actually jumping over the counter & throttling her (perhaps my alcohol content was still high…). noticing my brink of murder state of mind my husband decided the best way forward was to just buy me a new iphone…. after all how much could they cost….R3000…. R4000? hahahahaha R9000….. cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well no wonder ‘mobile phone stealing’ is so rife in this country – if that’s what the friggin things are going for. i mean for that kind of money even i am considering a change in profession!!!! and the ‘blocking’ facility on the phone… hahahaha…. another joke, after all this is africa…. apparently they can unblock it in seconds… in fact according to a friend of mine there are actual stores set up to do this….. one just has to laugh.

so it’s back to my pre-civilisation nokia for me……. no more on-the-go facebook, email, whatsapp, banking, viber, skype, words with friends, angrybirds, photos, dailymail updates, internet per se, blog updates, LIFE AS I KNOW IT IS GONE….. i might pretend i’m in rehab… that way i can only believe i will feel a lot better by the time i come out the other side…..

feeling VERY sorry for myself!