what an amazing evening

5 gum presents 'two door cinema club'

definitely one of the best live gigs i have been to in cape town

the only way to get tickets to the gig was to win them – unless of course your husband had worked on the campaign then you got given tickets – which was a real plus as it was seriously a brilliant event & besides which i never win anything!

your tickets were supplied with instructions to make your way to a certain parking lot near the airport & from there you would be ‘shuttled’ to a top-secret venue… they certainly caught our imagination & our attention! having said that at one point the signage to the parking lot got so bad (i.e. didn’t actually exist) that we felt the secret might just be a wee bit too safe! anyhow after a few wrong turns & laps around the airport we somehow found our way to the parking lot (i still actually don’t now how we found it!).

the ‘shuttles’ turned out to be really old double-decker buses – but quite a walk down memory lane – made us feel like we were back in london – except that rather bizarrely one couldn’t actually stand up straight in these buses – the ceilings were that low – i think they must have been brought in from china!

we then set off on our adventure. i have to confess that i started to get a tad bit concerned when i realised we were driving through some sort of township / shanty town. with bright lights blaring inside the bus we must have looked like a lighthouse beacon driving through the streets – at one stage i really started questioning my wisdom in taking part in all of this… it now became all too clear why the location was ‘secret’ & why they didn’t want anyone driving there themselves – i started wondering if they helicopter dropped ‘two door cinema club’ straight into the venue as i can only begin to imagine what must have been going through their heads if they drove the route we were being taken.

anyhow the sight that we beheld once we arrived at the venue completely washed away all other thoughts – it was truly as spectacular as they said it would be. i totally LOVED the venue. this massive old factory / hanger-like looking structure with all the massive steel beams exposed, massive walls & incredible volume – magnificent. the place was packed. admittedly at one stage i felt like we were the oldest people at the venue but then we made it to the vip bar where we seemed to be amongst ‘like-aged’ people!

the production behind this event was beyond amazing. the sound was incredible. the band, however, i thought was ‘ok’. sure they’re ‘indie’ but my goodness we were listening to this kind of stuff 10 years ago…. anyone heard of ‘the strokes’? seen it, done it, got a cupboard full of t-shirts & well they did it better! (gosh am i sounding like my parents here???) but like any ‘indie’ band in camden they delivered catchy little 2 minute ‘ditties’ that one could shake one’s ass to. loads of energy, loads of repeated riffs & loads of fun!

all in all it was a brilliant evening we all kept on commenting how it was so professional we felt like we could have been anywhere in the world…. that was until we tried to leave….

the so-called ‘shuttle service’ which was advertised on the tickets to be running all night at 15 minute intervals…. WASN’T!!!! in fact it wasn’t running at all until midnight & then only if it had a full bus to boot. great, stuck in literally the middle of nowhere, where you are literally captive as you certainly ain’t walking off anywhere…. you’d never make it home.

it was then that the ‘adult / mom’ in me kicked in & i realised how scary the situation actually was – i mean what if my babysitter had called with an emergency, what would we have done. you’re hardly hailing a friggin’ cab! it took us 45 minutes & my husband almost having a punch up with a bus driver before we managed to get on a ride to our cars. a real pity as it left a really bad after taste for what really was a brilliant event!