Ok, so this whole Jacob Zuma & “The Spear” painting drama is clearly a move by the ANC to use art to draw attention away from the more pressing issues of the day. Ahem, have we conveniently forgotten about the multiple Corruption & Nepotism Investigations going on against members of the ANC? The E-Tolls dispute costing SA residents billions of rand because of local government failures, or the battle for the Dept of Social Development tender which could land another R10 billion in the nepotism pot? Hmm? Nevermind the recent protests in our back yards over the ANC opposing the Youth Wage Subsidy where people are getting hospitalized to fight for the opportunity to work? If people are this easily distracted from real issues then we obviously are going about this whole Social Change thing the wrong way, let’s all get naked and go back to work – at least we’ll have a nation’s attention.