what a terribly sad day today is…. this morning i woke up to the most awful news…. julie cruse, a truly amazing woman that i knew when i was growing up as a child, had been murdered in middelburg, south africa…. well actually let me correct that, not just ‘murdered, viciously attacked, savagely tortured & murdered.

this is the thing…. are we really meant to know 72 year old women who have boiling hot water from a kettle thrown over their legs, a hot clothing iron seared into their stomachs all whilst their hands are tied behind their backs & then finally strangled to death? aren’t these just the horrific story lines for movies or television series?

julie was the mom of one of my best friends when we were growing up. to this day i still reference her in stories about ‘life’. she was an incredible woman. a force of nature. to know her was to fall in love with her. she was edwina from ‘ab fab’ before ab fab ever even existed. the woman never knew the meaning of ‘half-hearted’, everything she did was with great gusto & always with big hair & in a pair of heels! she inspired us girls to be fabulous, to live life to the fullest & never to worry about what other people thought….. ‘hold your head up high’, she’d say, ‘pretend you did it on purpose, that way everyone will want to be you!’ to little girls ears this was stuff dreams were made of…. her version of ‘if life deals you lemons… make lemonade!’

how devastating then to wake up this morning to the news of her incredibly tragic death. to have to have endured such unbelievable suffering at this time of your life.

and so once again i sit here questioning the future of this country. rather frighteningly i googled her death. i didn’t actually even know where ‘middelburg’ was but as i scrolled down it was just murder after murder – terribly frightening stuff. so over-whelming that i actually need to take some time to process all of this in my head. i don’t care whether you are black or white or what your story is – surely at some base level we are all humans & we know the difference between ‘right & wrong’… no matter what your story in this life-time is. surely doing this to another human being is just beyond savage, beyong barbaric, beyond terrifying & totally senseless!

for now though my heart is broken for the cruse family.

RIP julie cruse – you were, and shall remain an inspiration.

RIP julie cruse