yip, i know, my blogging hasn’t quite been up to scratch of recent – thanx for all your mails reminding me of this fact!

i just popped home from the office to make a quick sandwich when i heard someone on the radio quote someone they had heard saying (yes, yes, i know i am being rather vague here… but i only came in at the end of the conversation) ‘the day we keep quiet, we die’ – a more truthful statement i am yet to hear.

which brings me to my next blog…..

i wasn’t going to blog about this as it is such a personal situation that i have not spoken about it much at all but the thing is – this is what is happening and as i have previously, in fact on more than one occasion, blogged about the unbelievably dangerous way people drive in this town i have decided not to keep quiet about it.

last thursday, late afternoon, the daughter of a very special friend of mine was hit by a black taxi flying down kloof nek (the main road in cape town going up to table mountain). the driver of the packed taxi wasn’t even watching the road and didn’t even realise he had hit someone until she was vaulted in front of them. there weren’t even skid marks because by the time he realised what had happened he was 500m down the road.

she was waiting on the side of the road to cross, turned her back to call to her sister and the taxi hit from behind. she is now in a coma on life support. a tragedy beyond belief.

i was with my friend when her eldest daughter called to tell her about the accident so we were on the scene within minutes (maybe 5) of when it happened….. what i can say is that the paramedics were just incredible – i have no idea when it comes to this stuff, i am so squeamish i don’t even watch those hospital programs but i definitely got the feeling that they were experts & doing exactly what was needed to be done – having said that the friggin ambulance took over 45 minutes to get there!!!! which i have subsequently heard was good for this town!!??

as my friend is totally devastated i have sort of had to take responsibility for communication from all her well wishers etc…. and what has frightened me the most is how many stories i have heard about people being hit by cars in this country – every person seems to have a story. when my husband first heard about the accident he said that it seemed so strange as we had never known someone who was hit by a car as a pedestrian – yet once i started speaking to the ‘locals’ here is seems like it happens often – especially on kloof nek.

there is a speed camera further up the road but  people slow down to pass it & then put foot to continue their low speed flying down a seriously dangerous road. our solicitor’s son’s best friend was killed on his bicycle on the exact same corner – also hit from behind.

something has to be done & i plan to start the ball rolling. the amount of road accidents & fatalities in this country is just unacceptable – but you just have to be a driver on these streets to understand why it is like this.

sadly, after many discussions, it seems unanimous that this driver will ‘get off’. ‘that’s just the way it is here’ i am told. there are just zero consequences, so really, what is the point of obeying the law? this is the tragedy that is africa. for a society to function & grow you need laws & you need severe consequences for breaking those laws.

amazingly enough i have actually heard people spew forth that it is this sense of ‘freedom’ (i.e. sense of lawlessness) that makes africa so thrilling & liberating – well if that’s how you get your thrills – goodluck – enjoy it while it lasts – there’ll be nothing left before you know it!

a very sad blogger