i had to meet this property guy for a meeting today – a real high flier who represents a huge portfolio. i was commenting on the fact that there seems to be a lot of ‘damp’ problems in properties in cape town & i asked him if it possibly had to do with all the water running off the mountain etc… to which he commented that this was in fact the case & that a lot of properties had such issues with the water that they pretty much had to install special ‘pumps’ to help draw the water out so as to protect the house etc… he then went on to tell me that he had recently had to deal with a property in Bishop’s Court (for those of you who don’t know Bishop’s Court is probably one of Cape Town’s most affluent areas – if not the most affluent!) anyhow apparently some nigerian squatters had got word that this gorgeous house was empty & decided to break in & relieve it of all its contents – including, rather bizarrely, the pumps that protected the house from flooding. after stripping the house they then decided to move-in. the owners spent months in court trying to get these squatters out of their home but had no luck…. then it started to rain…. & well with no pump the house literally started to slide down the hill…… the squatters jumped ship (excuse the pun ;-)) sadly the house then went on to sell for a fraction of it’s worth…..