i cannot even begin to tell you how much i am in love with this new charity campaign – knit-a-row-and-go – it’s just brilliant. i was strolling down kloof street with my son yesterday when the poster along with a huge pile of gorgeously coloured baubled wool caught my eye in the window of a hairdressing salon. i immediately stopped to investigate. unfortunately my toddler wasn’t as keen to stop, preferring to try kill himself by crossing the busy road, so i had a quick glance, before dashing off, not quite having understood the concept. luckily i reached ‘knead’ in the lifestyle centre & well there was the exact same bundle of wool piled high with knitting needles. stuffing a cupcake into my sons mouth now meant i had the time to investigate…

‘me-a-mama’ – clothing makers for soon-to-be mums have launched this drive to knit 1000 baby blankets for orphaned babies. the concept is that they have placed these bowls of candyfloss coloured wool in various places – hairdressers, waiting rooms, bakeries etc…. where you can go in, grab a bundle – knit a few rows & go – leaving it behind for the next person to take over. there are ‘expert’ knitters waiting at the end of the project to ‘tidy’ all the knitting up & create these gorgeous blankets for orphan babies.

what a gorgeous idea. so simple & yet so effective! i for one am thrilled. in fact i will be planning on hosting our next bookclub at one of these venues. what a wonderful campaign to be a part of! if you live in cape town please do keep an eye out for these bundles – what a worthwhile cause to be a part of in a country where there are so many babies without parents.

for more information check out http://www.meamama.co.za