you know, i so desperately want to love this town, i want to love this country. i want to feel that there is a future that people can all look forward to over here. i actually always expected that by the end of my stay here my entire original outlook of this place would have been turned on it’s head and well i would leave here believing that there is a future that my friends & family & the rest of the people who live here could look forward to.

thing is that over the past year & a half i have come to see many glimmers of hope & amazing possibilities for this place but just when I start to feel it’s all going to be okay i hear about such horrid atrocities that i honestly cannot believe that there is any hope at all.

as a rule i never read the local newspapers. you just can’t. the front page is enough to send you packing. i would be reporting on horrific murders on a daily basis. so to keep my head about me i make an effort not to even gloss over them in the supermarket queue – it is just too upsetting.

however my day on thursday last week took a bit of a turn – i missed a meeting & had some time to kill so ended up at my favourite little hideaway ‘sababa’ with a strong coffee when my eye caught the headline of the front page of the cape times which happened to be lying on the counter – a young mother anzunette du plessis (33 years old) had been killed (stabbed several times & then her throat slit) in her house in an affluent street in claremont (just the other side of the mountain from where we live). her home was extremely secure (drive-in garage, alarm, fencing, burglar bars & gates etc…) but unfortunately for her she recognised one of the assailants (there were three) who had  2 weeks previously done some work for her on her roof  & told her he was back to check up on something so she willingly opened the door and pretty much sealed her fate. the cost of her life? a mobile, 2 laptops & a flat screen tv! her nanny who had taken her 2-year-old toddler to the park was the one to come home and make the gruesome discovery.

by some amazing bit of luck there happened to be a police car in the area who came across these three guys pushing a shopping trolley (!!!!!) with the flat screen tv & the laptops in it that all had splatters of blood on them. all 3 were arrested & today have admitted to their part in the horrific, senseless murder of this young mother.

my  husband was due to go out on friday evening but there was just no way I was going to be left alone at home – especially having just moved into a new house that I am not familiar with. in fact i imagine it will be a while before i will be able to be left alone again after reading about this awful story. i am just so rattled by this incident i question why i am still here.this morning the telkom guy came to install our phone line & asdl etc… for a while i just stared at him through the intercom trying to decide if i should let him in. being totally paranoid now about opening my gate i asked him to tell me our previous address so i could be more confident about letting him in & to show me some form of id over the video screen. how friggin ridiculous but how TOTALLY necessary!!!! so over the weekend my husband had our alarm specialist in to totally secure the property. ok, so apparently we will be living in fort knox by the end of this week – but really what does that help? this woman had all the modern-day securities and yet her life was taken so senselessly by someone she recognised and thought she could trust.

R.I.P. anzunette du plessis