i receive a lot of mail / comments….. some of it nice…. but a lot of it waxing lyrical about how ‘these crimes / murders etc… happen all over the world’…..

ok, you naysayers…. tell me when last you were walking through london & you witnessed ANYTHING like this??? no, no, NO… this does not happen all over the world!!!!!

mido macio being dragged to his death

mido macio being dragged to his death

his crime – apparently he had parked on the wrong side of the road. but having said that even if he had done worse is this how we treat people???? or let me rephrase this…. is this how our police treat people???? what hope is there for a country where the very people we are supposed to trust & go to when we need help are the very perpetrators of violence & crime???

sadly i was actually sent the video link to watch – which unfortunately i did. i am not going to share the video here as it really is heart-breaking to know that this man goes onto die – but for those of you who want to watch here is the link:


what does this say about our society? who are people supposed to trust to protect them?