so i arrive home yesterday & my entire home smells of acetone nail polish remover. my nail polish remover also has a very specific smell & as it was a product bought in the uk it is not available here….. so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that my nanny, who has already been told she needs to shape up on her housekeeping skills has spent the afternoon giving herself a beauty session. this probably wouldn’t irk me as much if i weren’t house bound most of the day (the joys of breast-feeding – yes i am with newborn – more on that later) with absolutely no time for any beauty treatments at all…. but hey ho….. clearly my nanny is in another league & has all the time in the world!!!! something is definitely wrong with this picture – especially when i noticed she had not only painted her nails (with my nail-polish) she had done little patterns on them!!!! aaarrrggghhh!!!!

thing is…. what does one actually do? of course i did comment at the top of my voice that i could smell MY acetone & wondered how come that was…. this was greeted by total silence…. so i repeated it again only to be told it must be the smell from the cleaning products she used to clean the spare toilet…. yeah, well, whatever…. do i have friggin’ fool printed across my forehead…. quite clearly yes as i accepted her explanation & that was that.

when i relayed the episode to my husband later in the day he commented ‘well at least she didn’t have your curlers in her hair’… & proceeded to remind me of a time in london when i arrived home early to fetch my suitcase en-route to the airport only to find our cleaner ironing our clothes with my curlers in her hair!!!!!

must come with the territory…. someone should perhaps do a documentary on this – hidden cameras & all…. i reckon it could make for some very interesting viewing… then again… maybe we don’t want to know…..!