cape town is a small city. tamboerskloof is even smaller. a postage stamp compared to the suburbs of london. so imagine how terribly disconcerting it was when tbk (tamboerskloof neighbourhood watch) send out the crime statistics for the the first 15 days of may….. 14 burglaries & a hijacking!!!! more worryingly 6 (!!!) of these burglaries happened in our street & the two streets surrounding us in the past 6 days!!!! one apparently was ‘so professional’ they actually cut a pain of glass out whilst the owners were sleeping inside!!! the guys who run tbk think it is a ‘gang’ that must be targeting this area. there have also been quite a few builders in the area & well it would appear that the common analogy is that ‘there are always break-in’s when there are builders’. well there you have it…. pretty damn scary if you ask me.

most people in tamboerskloof are pretty rattled by it & understandably pretty nervous. we are all in contact with our neighbours so that we can be alert & come to each others assistance if need be (a friggin’ scary thought in itself!) but then there are those who tell me ‘not to worry, it’s just ‘opportunists’…..WTF!!!!???? personally i find that more scary than anything else!!! ‘professionals’ usually know what they are doing, have an agenda, get in & get out…. it’s the friggin’ ‘opportunists’ that are the MOST dangerous ones – they haven’t got a clue about what they are doing, usually have nothing to lose, usually bungle it up, wake people etc… & end up killing someone in the process!!!!

another fine example of the ‘denial’ & ‘hogwash’ some south africans choose to live by in order to justify the horrendous crime that goes on right in front of their noses.