please see the link below & go & sign – this is our opportunity to make a difference…. well at least know we tried to!!!!

Posted: 21 May 2013
At any moment Zuma could sign the Secrecy Bill into law — one of the worst attacks on democracy and free speech since Apartheid. But we can force him to give the courts a final say, saving our free speech rights from the worst parts of the law.

The President has the power to send controversial bills to the Constitutional Court before they are enacted to make sure they don’t violate our most precious freedoms. But he’s only going to delay the Secrecy Bill’s corrupt protections for his own government if there’s a massive nation-wide outcry. We only have days to make sure he hears it.

He’s already feeling the heat, but the bill could be signed any day now. Sign the petition on the right, then share this campaign with everyone.